How many USB socket profiles are available?

There are three white profiles available (Square, Curved and Slim), and four metal profiles (Curved, Slim, Screwed and Screwless).

How many USB socket finishes are available?

10 finishes are available in a variety of profiles, to suit any interior. They are: White, Brushed Steel, Polished Chrome, Black Nickel, Pearl Nickel, Matt Black, Antique Brass, Brushed Iridium, Cream and Metal Clad.

How many USB outlets can I have on my sockets?

USBeautiful products are available with 2, 3, or 4 USB outlets.

Which devices can I charge with USBeautiful USB sockets?

You can charge any chargeable device that uses USB as the power source.

What is the difference between 2.1A, 3.1A and 4.2A power?

This is the maximum power available from the USB ports. Higher power output allows more devices to be charged simultaneously at their optimum charge speed. USBeautiful products are available with 2.1, 3.1 or 4.2 amp charge outputs, shared across all ports - perfect for today's demanding devices.

3 and 4 x USB outlets: How much output does my device receive if it is the only one plugged in?

4 outlets: each pair of USB outlets shares 2.1A output. If only one device is plugged in to one of the pairs, it will receive the full 2.1A.
3 outlets: the USB outlets share 3.1A output. If only one device is plugged in to one of the pairs, it will receive the full 3.1A.

What is the power input/output when no device is connected?

The power input/draw and output of the sockets when no device is connected is < 50mW.

Can I install a USB socket, or do I need an electrician?

Our USB sockets are supplied with full installation instructions, or you can view our online tutorials. However if you are in any doubt please consult a competent electrician.

Do the sockets provide surge protection?

Our USB sockets offer overload protection, not surge protection. For a comprehensive range of surge protectors, please visit our sister brand, Masterplug.

What are the socket dimensions?

Our double USB sockets are 146x86mm, and single sockets are 86x86mm.

What is Smart USB Connectivity?

Our USB sockets contain smart technology that monitor the power to the connected device. USB devices are not all the same, and some require a different charging pattern to others. The smart technology adjusts the charge from the output to suit the requirement of the device. The smart technology also constantly monitors the charge output and will shut down in the event of any overload condition, thus protecting the connected device. If this occurs, remove the device and then reconnect.

USBeautiful product technical compliances

LVD: BS5733, IEC60950; (Sockets are ASTA approved, Licence Number 1182)
EMC: EN61000-1; EN61000-6-3
ERP: (EC) No 278/2009, 2009/125/EC
REACH: EU No 1907/2006 Article 33(1)
RoHS: 2011/65/EU

Are your USB sockets ASTA approved?

Yes, all of our wiring accessories and USB sockets are ASTA approved. ASTA is a universally recognised mark of product safety and testing. Licence Number 1182.

Are USBeautiful products single or double pole?

All USBeautiful products are single pole, except those that have "DP" in the part number; for example 821DPU2.

Do the USB outlets provide data as well as power?

No, the USB outlets only provide power to the connected device.

Where can I buy USBeautiful products?

Visit the individual product page for your chosen product, and you will find details of where to purchase in the "Where to Buy?" section.

Where can I purchase matching wiring devices for my home?

BG Electrical wiring accessories are available from all major electrical wholesalers, and are available in the same finishes and profiles as the USBeautiful range.

What are the terms and conditions of the Twitter USB Socket Giveaway competition?

The terms and conditions can be found here.

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